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Blackheart Pirates Loot Policy 
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Blackheart Pirates Loot Policy
(Mandatory on Multi-Group Events, Optional on Single Group Events)

The following is considered an amendment to the Guide to Plundering, and upon being published, shall have the full force and effect of the Guide to Plundering.

Beat to Quarters – A process by which all guild members who are members of the Boarding Party, and others who have opted into receive the Beat to Quarters, are notified that an alert has sounded by which a desired mob is up, or an event is ready to begin.
Boarding Party Member: This is a member who has signed up for raiding events. If a member volunteers for the Boarding Party, they are encouraged to sign up for the Beat to Quarters. If online at the time that Beat to Quarters is initiated, that member is expected to attend the event, or provide a satisfactory explanation to the attendance officer why they cannot. Boarding party members will receive first priority on multi-group event drops.
Able Crew: These are the members of the guild who are not yet able to sign up for the Boarding Party, or who elect not to sign up for the Boarding Party. They may elect to sign up for the Beat to Quarters, but it is neither expected nor required. Able Crew receive secondary priority on drops at multi-group events, with the understanding that nothing that can be equipped by someone is ever allowed to rot.
Main Player – The class belonging to a member who is designated as their primary toon. If a member is asked by the raid leader or other raid officer to play an alt toon for the good of the raid, they may consider that alt their main for the duration of that raid.
Combat Divisions – These are groupings of Pirates into either Able Crew, or the Boarding Party, depending on their interest in raiding and/or their abilities.

Boarding Party Requirements:

• Non-Gating Classes need a WC Cap OR OT Hammer
• Gate Classes: Bind at / near WC Spires or Rings
• Ability to SOW self (Potions or JBoots)
• Ability to Invis self (Cloudy potion or ring, preferably ring)
• Ability to Levitate Self (Cloak or rings)

Boarding Party Recommendations (Suggested to have / keep handy)
• Stack of Peridots
• Various potions (Ant, Sow, and Cloudy)
• Hate / Sky stones
• Magic Resist Gear
• Coffin

Loot Attendance / Council
• Attendence at events will be tracked by the event calendar. Everyone who is present will earn one point per hour. Points earned are cumulative on a sliding, three month period, and will expire if not used at the end of three months. Points can also be earned through other guild activities to be determined by the Captain, including (but not limited to), farming materials for WC Caps, Invisibility Rings, etc.
• Loot Priority:
o Mains of Boarding Party Members;
o Mains of Able Crew;
o Alts of Boarding Party Members;
o Alts of Able Crew;
o Guests / etc.
• In the case of a dispute, the Loot Officer will determine how a particular item is to be awarded. The Loot Officer may use prior raid participation in determining the award of an item if there are two members who both equally need / want an item, and may also order the parties to /random.

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